SKM Newsletter - February 2007

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SKM Newsletter - February 2007

Post by arthas » Wed Feb 14, 2007 12:28 am

SKM Newsletter - February 2007

The contents of this newsletter at a glance:

1) FULLY FORGED ITALIAN STILETTO, the Italian automatica revolution, by DueBuoi
2) New fancy front opener: the Black Concord
3) Black Tactical Leverletto by Bill DeShivs
4) AB Coltellerie factory revealed
5) @ TalkBlade: Casino Royale knife, oven, guns, photos, rock, ...
6) Maniago news: new mayor elections coming soon, are we finally moving away from
Soviet-style ruling?

1 - FULLY FORGED ITALIAN STILETTO, the Italian automatica revolution, by DueBuoi

Maybe the biggest news on Italian automatica since the 70s, the Fully Forged
Italian Stiletto brings this particular kind of knife up to an entirely new
and previously unmatched quality level. A limited first run is being delivered
to 15 customers all over the world, and general sale will likely begin in March.
Here you can see what will be available at the beginning: ... 9stiletto/

There's a lot of discussion regarding this knife, including some enthusiastic
comments by the first customer who received it:

Several variations (damascus blades, other handles, etc) will be announced
throughout 2007.

2 - New fancy front opener: the Black Concord

SKM is happy to feature a new model in the popular front opening line, the
Black Concord:

This knife features a black teflon blade with a selection of colourful acrylic
handles: briarwood, fantasy, leopard, tiger, and zebra. Spooky and fancy at the
same time!

3 - Black Tactical Leverletto by Bill DeShivs

It the Black Month. ;-) The beautiful Tactical Leverletto by Bill DeShivs now
has a black teflon companion:

Very high quality is the basis of this Black Tactical Leverletto, as it is for
the regular Tactical Leverletto.

4 - AB Coltellerie factory revealed

We took some exclusive pictures of AB Coltellerie factory, and we'd like
to share them with you: ... 51/detail/

You'll be able to see many parts of the facility, as well as Armando Beltrame
working. Enter AB walls and discover the secrets which have been hidden for
years. ;-)

5 - @ TalkBlade: Casino Royale knife, oven, guns, photos, rock, ...

Take a look at what's hot at TalkBlade, the web's most friendy blade-oriented

==> Casino Royale knife
Casino Royale is the latest 007 movie. At a certain time, a switchblade knife
pops out... what's that? Some say it's a MIKOV, read here and discover.

==> OVEN?
Bill DeShivs and other forum members discuss wether an oven is a convenient
thing to buy or not: can heat treating and tempering of blades be done at
home in cost-effective way?

==> favorite rock band
Rock is the favourite music genre of knife collectors and enthusiasts - but
rock means a lot of things. This popular discussion shows out the likes and
dislikes of TalkBlade members - tell us your opinion on rock bands!!!

==> Who makes the best .22 on the market
It's not only about knives. The "Ask Vagrant" area is hosting an interesting
discussion on guns and what's the best in the .22 market. A bit off-topic for
TalkBlade maybe, but we'll forgive Vagrant this time. ;-)

==> how to photobucket
j.a.c. wrote this outstanding tutorial which shows you how to use a service
such as PhotoBucket to upload your photos and then link them to your messages
on TalkBlade. Images are a very useful addition to messages, and this is another
way of adding them which does not require Premium Membership and allows you
to create a nice gallery. Don't miss this tutorial!

Come and join the discussion at !!!

6 - Maniago news: new mayor elections coming soon, are we finally moving
away from Soviet-style ruling?

Between April and May Maniago will see the election of a new mayor, after 9
years of controversial ruling by the current left-wing one, Emilio di Bernardo.
Among the disasters this mayor and his staff brought us we can pick the

* Desertic downtown: by redesigning roads and traffic flow in a quite strange
manner, our local rulers managed to cut off most cars from the main town square.
This led to people not using the square and the whole central part of Maniago
for meeting with each other, resulting in a quite lonely downtown.

* Traffic and air pollution: the funniest thing is that the above downtown
"desertification" was justified as a move to make the centre of Maniago
less polluted (it wasn't THAT polluted, by the way). What actually happened is
the opposite: the few streets that remain open are a mandatory path for cars,
and are therefore full of slow traffic which now pollutes for REAL the air of
the whole downtown.

* Soviet-style attempt to destroy all entertainment options: until 4 or 5 years
ago, Maniago was know in the neighbourhood for its lively evening and nightlife,
which consisted of bars and pubs packed with people, some live music and a
good amount of people happily and peacefully wandering through the town after
dusk. In more recent times, our mayor imposed to stop all music-related activity
(concerts and DJ-music) and forced all places to close not too much after 10 pm.
Result: there's nobody around anymore, and even Maniago residents go out of
their town, which once gathered people from other villages, to look for some

We hope Maniago people will vote wisely this time!

the SKM staff.

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Re: SKM Newsletter - February 2007

Post by natcherly » Wed Feb 14, 2007 2:52 am

arthas wrote:SKM Newsletter - February 2007We hope Maniago people will vote wisely this time.
The left really believes they know how to live YOUR life better than YOU do. Good Luck in turning this around!!!

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