Knife/sword auction sites

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Knife/sword auction sites

Post by whitehorn »

Any auction sites that will let you sell a sword with a Swastika(German WW2 reproduction sword) on it? Sharper Deals won't allow that any more and was curious if any sites will let me sell it on there?
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Re: Knife/sword auction sites

Post by john »

I’m sure you’ll find a white supremacist Nazi, Jew hater, etc who love to own it.
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Re: Knife/sword auction sites

Post by jerryk25 »

probably Gunbroker or GunsAmerica
sometimes local gun shops sell military memorabilia .

eBay used to sell the stuff as long as the photo did not show it, like with a paper sticker over it.

I always avoided overt emblems.
I had some quality stuff. . . My late Uncle's actual souvenirs.
but I gave it all away to an employee at our shop.
One was a youth party armband complete with the paper tag registered number inside.

I have about 4 actual Holbein type daggers with the emblem.
They are the only emblems left in the house.
I have quite a few bayonets, German and Japanese. . .but without emblems.
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