Sharpening Stones for Beginners

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Sharpening Stones for Beginners

Post by thales007 »

I am getting into kitchen knives and looking to start sharpening my own blades. I have a honing steel, but I am looking for a good beginner set of sharpening stones (whetstones). I found this post (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5745), but I am looking to see if there is some newer information on this topic. Thanks!
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Re: Sharpening Stones for Beginners

Post by hogwild »

Mr. Thales; your question has been posted for 2 days with no input. This sub forum doesn't get much traffic. Further you have posted little vital background info. i am one of probably several members who take sharpening fairly seriously. Several questions have been floating in my head since i read this 2 days ago. What brand of knives,, what steel, what particular tasks have you planned for them, what sharpening skills do you have?

Do you plan on frequent resharpening, do you know what edge angle is best for you planned uses and how to achieve said angle? do you want a toothy edge or polished for some uses, Do you want to get a good edge quickly or a better edge but slower. i can give you better answers based on this needed info and save you from purchasing tools that will help quicker for lower cost.

This link will show you most of the sharpening tools available, also a few of the systems. Sharpening can become a ritual for some of us; or just a necessity for others. Greg ... es-C1.aspx
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