The Berghof / Hitler's home - Scale model

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The Berghof / Hitler's home - Scale model

Post by kwackster »

Several years ago i visited the Obersalzberg in Germany, the mountain where Hitler's home the Berghof once was situated.
On location i also met a very friendly German fellow who told me that he was busy making a large scale model of the Berghof, and he even mailed me several pictures of his work-in-progress later on.

Only recently i found that the scale model is finally finished, and that it also has it's own website with lots of pictures.
The website is of course in German, but using Google translate or the built-in translator in the Chrome browser will change all text in English.
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Re: The Berghof / Hitler's home - Scale model

Post by john »

I think a quart of gasoline should be poured on it and lite on fire.
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Re: The Berghof / Hitler's home - Scale model

Post by natcherly »

The maker expressly does not mention who had owned this building and certainly does not espouse any views that the original owner may have had. As stated on the website, "It's all about the building".

The architecture itself has some interesting aspects especially the main. central structure. However, overall it exudes a mediocre bourgeois esthetic with ham fisted execution especially in the wing to the left. Then too there are the old school furnishings, solid and boring.

I won't be buying this model, nor setting fire to it. As they say, "It is what it is...."
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Re: The Berghof / Hitler's home - Scale model

Post by sammy the blade »

I don't recall but what happened to the original?
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Re: The Berghof / Hitler's home - Scale model

Post by kwackster »

The heavily bombed ruins were blown up in 1952 or 1953, as not to make it a shrine for Hitler worshippers.
Personally i'm not convinced that sweeping things under the rug did achieve anything, in my book quality education is always the better option.
Maybe it's unavoidable that history repeats itself, as at the moment Germany is run by yet another extreme left-wing dictatorship.
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Re: The Berghof / Hitler's home - Scale model

Post by jerryk25 »

I'm against the philosophy,
but the architecture is fine by me. . .

In Pittsburgh there is a building on a college campus that was built in the 1930's.
It used Beams of light shining upward to make sky high columns . . .
Much like the colonnades of light in the Nazi Movie . . "Triumph of the Will."

I'm against purging of any and all symbols , simply because someone may be offended.
I detest the renaming of U.S. Military bases like Ft Bragg and Ft Benning.

Kurt Vonnegut wrote a story called "Harrison Bergeron"
It's in the future, where the government officer "Handicapper General". .
punishes or restrains everyone because someone complained.
It's called "Tyranny of the Masses" . . .where if one person can't eat nuts, nuts become illegal.
Smart people wear headphones with loud noises to stop them thinking,
Ballet Dancers wear leg weights, so they dance like old fat people.
Anything offensive to a random complainer, is basis for outlawing for everyone.
There are no more new songs, because some people can't write, and were offended.
Beautiful architecture becomes extinct. Makeup is outlawed. Artists are shot.

What would you do if someone said all Pyramids are illegal and should be torn down.
They are Monuments to an Autocracy that enslaved and murdered countless people.
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Re: The Berghof / Hitler's home - Scale model

Post by Bonzo »

Mr. Kwackster,

I'm only interested in the kitchen. Does it have a walk-in oven...

Best regards,

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