Good Stag vs Bad?

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Re: Good Stag vs Bad?

Post by Erik131065 »

I happen to have the same Jules. Purchased it from knife shop. One of my favorit knives. I think they wewre made right after the TSF run.
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Re: Good Stag vs Bad?

Post by button_man »

leighdog wrote: Tue Apr 06, 2021 3:43 pm This stag is much nicer then some i have seen'

I wish the two sides were a tad more matched, but the cut-out for the button is superb. And the sound when it clacks open--!
Think of one of those huge padlocks that's almost the size of your fist; when this knife opens, it sounds like one of those being snapped shut.
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Re: Good Stag vs Bad?

Post by JimBrown257 »

When people say "good" stag they almost always mean the stuff with lots of bark (I think I have seen it called bark). It is a tough thing to do to make a scale like that. First you need to find a good looking section of stag that is big enough. Then you have to work from the bottom so the surface of the stag ends up being the surface of the scale. It can be a harder thing to do that you might think.

In the first pic you can see a pretty lousy piece of stag next to a really good one. The difference in price was about 6x. In the second pic, you can see a scale I had to take off a vintage Italian after some criminal shaved much of the bark off. In the third pic you can see a 100 year old Bunting with great stag. That was all they ever used back then. The only exception to the bark=good thing is on the modern Medicis like the one in the last pic. They often had the stag shaved to almost nothing but that knife looked kind of good that way.
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