11 In Damascus stiletto

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jim d,
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11 In Damascus stiletto

Post by jim d, »

11 in. Damascus steel stiletto, stamped "AB" over "Italy" (Armando Beltrame), nicely figured horn, sits deep and centered, good snap, tight lockup, etc. The Damascus steel is quite nice and I tried to capture that in the photos. When I received the knife there was a small crack near the top front pin. I was advised (by Bill D if I remember correctly) that it could be stabilized with super glue. Apparently that worked as it was about 18 years ago and looks like it did then. I also tried to capture that in a photo. $145 + +8 shipping
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Re: 11 In Damascus stiletto

Post by button_man »

Jim ~ Please consider this knife SOLD -- send me a PM with payment details.... thanks! ~ Karl
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