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Forum rules
There are a few things you should know before posting in these forums. If you are a new user, please click here and read carefully. Thanks a lot!
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Re: Rules for Buy/Sell forum

Post by natcherly »

Please read and follow the new rule about minimum time and posts count as updated in the forum rules.

For those who don't like clicking links, it basically says...
Before SELLING something on Buy&Sell, at least 15 days should have passed after your subscription to TalkBlade, and you need to have posted at least 20 times in other areas.

Making multiple one word posts or posts with just smilies in a short period of time, just to reach the post quota, does not qualify you as a contributing member. Contributing to the forum is an important part of being a member and earning the trust, and privilege to sell here.

This is a Buy / Sell / Trade thread only. No auctions, raffles or similar activities are allowed.

Posts made that do not follow these simple rules will be deleted.

These rules are for everyone's benefit in trying to maintain a safe and enjoyable buy/sell/trade experience.