Hackman clone?

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Hackman clone?

Postby gravknife » Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:09 am

Hello my freinds here at TB

Its strange that i post here on balisongs but i think i have a cheaper version of the Hackman Sorsakoski butterfly type knife from the 60s 70s .
Id love to know where from and its age if possible.

I am puzzled as it has no markings on the blade or plastic handles .
Does anyone know if its a chinese clone of the Hackman or just a completely different make altogether.I notice the top bar is straight in this but the Hickman is shaped on both bars.

oregon posted one with a Daiwa but the pictures are missing ,i hope someone can help with identifying it.

It cost me 8 euros shipped and i have no butterfly knives but this one.They are as difficult to get here and illegal and show up less than switches imho.

Surprisingly it flips quite nicely ,sturdy as a rock and very sharp and i really love it .

Hope your all well here.
Thanks in advance for any help as usual.

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