Bali-help... Updated July 20/03

This area is dedicated to balisong (also known as butterfly) knives, and to the fine art of using them.

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Bali-help... Updated July 20/03

Post by J-man » Tue Apr 22, 2003 12:35 am

Hello everyone, I just figured since many other forums have a thread dedicated as a reference. I mise well make one here (since I am a mod... suckers :wink: )

For any kind of manipulation with your Balisong; step by step instructions can be found at

For interesting facts and resources of older balisongs, some reviews and various resources of the Balisong knife can be found at

It seems that almost everything has a newspaper/newgroup of some sort, no exception to the Butterfly, the Balisong times can be found at

For FivePointOh's Typhoon guide -

For a nice Balisong poster, which is helpful as well check out this thread - Special thanks to 8thsinner for all of his hardwork. I have some sad news, not enough people were interested in it so the project didn't fly :cry:

For interesting videos of various manipulations: - It is hosted by Bustard, I give him many thanks for putting his time and effort into hosting vids of the balisong knife. - Please note that this site is having some serious technical difficulties, please do NOT annoy me or any other members/mods/admins on this forum about it. Please contact the web-master of the site, he is also known as bloodyknuckles on BFC. - Balisong101, ran by Causeway. Very helpful site, he has a ton of balis.

For manufactures of current production Balisong knives: - Most famous Balisong maker, and one of the top production knife companies in the world; Current production models: BM 31, 42, 43, 46, 47 and 49 with variations on many of them. - High end automatic knife maker, but they make some pretty damn good Balisong knives as well; Current production models: Tachyon , Dragonfly - The host of this forum, although they sell/make various autos and manuals they also make a nice line of Italian balisongs. ... yKeys.asp/ - Get your bali-car keys! - Makers of the CS ArcAngel balisong.

For custom makers of Balisongs: - Charles Marlowe - Dobruski, Ikoma, and Korth - Darrel Ralph (also produces folders and autos) - Pinoy Knife (Matt Cook) - 29 Knives - Maier Blades (Custom Balisong Re-handling Jobs) - Roton Monarch Balisongs

Feel free to PM or e-mail any suggestions or dead-links etc., I will
occasionally update this database.

Have fun flipping! :D

Note: I, nor any Moderators or Administrators, site owners, or anyone affiliated with, SKM, AB, Tinys or Massaro are responsible for the content, products, customer service or anything else that may be offered on other sites and stores outside the "BladeAlliance" we are not being paid to post these links but are merely helping the online knife community by publicizing them.

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Re: Bali-help... Updated July 20/03

Post by Vagrant » Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:52 pm

J-man wrote:Hello everyone, I just figured since many other forums have a thread dedicated as a reference. I mise well make one here (since I am a mod... suckers :wink: )
Welcome back but after 4 years you should check current status.