Large Böntgen und Sabin/ Bonsa balisong

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Large Böntgen und Sabin/ Bonsa balisong

Post by Selachii »

I saw this knife a while ago and never seen one like this before. It's sadly beat up quite a bit, but maybe its worth restoring. Sadly it's not legal where I live, but I could ship it to a friend for now or ship it to my second home in Brazil, better than getting it destroyed by someone not knowing its rarity.

Anyway I wanted to share it if someone has more information about this knife or maybe even wants to restore it since it will be quite a hustle for me to get it to a save place. ... x454858247
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Bill DeShivs
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Re: Large Böntgen und Sabin/ Bonsa balisong

Post by Bill DeShivs »

That's a high quality knife, and they are rare.
B&S (Bonsa) was a pioneer in one hand-opening knives.
I'm sure yours is quite old, as I have never seen the butterfly knives cataloged.
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Re: Large Böntgen und Sabin/ Bonsa balisong

Post by gravknife »

Thats a beauty Selachi and really good quality I will wager 'stag looks great .
.I didn't know Bonsa even did these butterfly knives so thanks for posting it .
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