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Wally J. Corpse
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Greetings, Legion Of Fan-

Here, to follow, is another episode from mine Sainted Dad's WWII combat adventures..
There He Was, AS usual, ever diligent in the PBM-5 crown turret, on another mission of enemy supply shipping interdiction, ever attempting to be a part of the thwarting of Japanese expansion by force to war, and the continuing retribution for Pearl Harbor, which was still an open wound, and motivational factor that drove many young men from all corners of the US to find themselves in voluntary combat in some distant foreign land/sea.
Anyways, elder Mr. Corpse told me, that their PBM-5 sported a paint job scheme AS thus- the top surfaces of the plane were colored a deep sea blue, AS to blend in with the ocean AS viewed fromst above, and the underside of the plane was colored a whitish/faint blue AS to blend in with the sky AS seen from below. However, AS evidenced from mine Dad's combat record of 17 individual kills, and 19 recorded assist kills, he stated that the paint job may have been somewhat optimistic seeing AS how they were shot upon at least 36 times...
Anyways, Dad told me that on this particular mission, they spotted an enemy gunboat, larger in scale by comparison to our PT boats, towing a supply barge in the gloom of twilight. They swooped in, apparently un-seen by the enemy, and, the nose turret gunner, also the 'bombadier' , (note: this effort was accomplished by sight and experience/feel only, AS this was before any seaplanes were equipped with the Norden bombsight unit), the little rascal deployed the 250 lb. bomb by eye, and it was a bullseye, striking the enemy gunboat dead center amidship, and it's effect was to totally destroy the target, perhaps also detonating any munitions within, and resulting in it being reduced to sinking fragments, which also served to draw the supply barge under the sea, a pretty good one shot score, which was celebrated in a somber manner, AS Dad and crew also realized that they were driven by war to kill other probably youngsters who were acting upon orders given by not their own choice, but the fallacy of power machinations of others.
This episode concludes the re-telling of elder Mr. Corpse's war stories AS I can personally remember from direct storytelling, but AS WJC Dad did keep a diary/journal of which eye posess, mayhaps in the future, I will delve into the past, and share with any one if said interest is indicated...

AS ever,
Your ol' pal,
Wally J. Corpse
sammy the blade
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Re: Bullseye!

Post by sammy the blade »

Count me in cause I'm interested.
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Re: Bullseye!

Post by john »

Another very cool victory! Thanks for sharing your dad’s war stories. Encore please!
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Re: Bullseye!

Post by thom »

Of course, love the stories. My dad also fought in the South Pacific. He was in the Army. Never told many stories. Guessing he wanted to forget.? His brother, my Uncle could tell some stories.
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Re: Bullseye!

Post by Charleslee »

God Bless him!
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