Lyricall Quizitations, Episode II

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Wally J. Corpse
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Lyricall Quizitations, Episode II

Post by Wally J. Corpse »

Greetings, Legion Of Fan-

We've had such a jolly time wif' episode I, eye feel inebriatedly obligated to inflict Episode II-

1. Today is only yesterday's tomorrow
2. But they were all alone
3. He could hardly roll his stone
4. My lonely gloom
5. Step right this way
6. To the show that never ends
7. A three hour tour
8. So far away
9. And chained themselves to the axles of big Mack trucks
10. The average-what use have they for you
11. I'd sell my mama
12. Drinks the blood from a jagged edge
13. There will be wars and rumours of wars
14. Just what the facts is
15. Or a Sam
16. Move on back to squares
17. Gee, our old LaSalle ran great
18. Don't know where I'll be tomorrow
19. These days are ours
20. From the atomic grave

Okay, kids, have at it, AS one might observed, alot of mine quotes are symptomatic of an idjit still stuck in the nineteen and seventies. So what?

Play if'n ye care to, or if'n not resume your sing along to the endless tape loop of the theme to Three's Company- your choice.

AS ever,

Your ol' pal,

Wally J. Corpse

P.S. Eye don't mean to be mean, it's just that I have just been awarded a suprise cranial blunt trauma impact whilst eye was exercising mine First Amendment rights to occupy the senator's ASsistant's night deposit slot.
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Re: Lyricall Quizitations, Episode II

Post by Bonzo »

Mr. Corpse,

I'll take #17 for all it's worth, Edyth & Archie at the piano.

Those were the days.

The rest are just too damn easy.

Best regards,

"A little rebellion now & then is a good thing"
Thomas Jefferson
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Re: Lyricall Quizitations, Episode II

Post by big_ski »

5. Beatles - magical mystery tour
6. ELP - Karn Evil
14. Steve Miller Band - Take the money and run
not gonna say that other one cuz, I hate the Eagles, man!
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