Happy (belated) Un-Birthday!

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Happy (belated) Un-Birthday!

Post by JerrBear »

Alas, our very own Mr. Butch had an Un-Birthday Sept. 9th and I was asleep atta switch... :oops: :oops: :oops:
My sincere apologies for my neglect...

Wishing you a (belated) Very Merry Un-Birthday, Mr. Butch!
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Re: Happy (belated) Un-Birthday!

Post by whippersnapper »

I forgot too...we must be slippin' Jerry.
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Re: Happy (belated) Un-Birthday!

Post by TRYKER »


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Re: Happy (belated) Un-Birthday!

Post by lars »

Happy Birthday Butch!
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Re: Happy (belated) Un-Birthday!

Post by tr4252 »


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Re: Happy (belated) Un-Birthday!

Post by butch »

i forgot all about it too and thanks guy's its still "not" my birthday :lol:
Lars,Tom My birthday isn't til October 9,I messed the date up in my profile awhile back and it showed my birthday as sept 10,the guys aren't letting me live it down :D
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