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Post by eastcoastsniper »

Many people from this forum have tried to contact me lately, and I thought it was time to give an explanation for my recent silence..

a few weeks ago, one of the TB members created an alias, bid on one of my auctions and then reported me to paypal when I sent an invoice.

I will not belong to a forum that harbors such people.

I hope everyone enjoyed my tutorials, custom knife pictures and special orders from Italy, because there will be no more.

My friends will know how to contact me, and I look forward to hearing from them

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Re: Goodbye

Post by whippersnapper »

What a pos thing to do to a fellow member :x ...I think you should reveal the sob, Roger.
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Re: Goodbye

Post by redeye »

whoever did that should be drawn and quartered.then keel hauled and fed to the sharks. then we gonna get mean and nasty maybe even midevil on their sorry butts. if the said offender is named i say that they should be banned from the forum.of course they will have to go thru the whole ordeal of that being innocent until proven guilty thingy but then we can do all the stuff i said.
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Cryptomecanic »

Please dont blame the whole forum for what one member did,who ever did it should be expelled and shuned,
there's a certain degree of trust that goes along with what we collect,(a back stabber should not be tollerated)
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Re: Goodbye

Post by TRYKER »

i hate assholes

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Re: Goodbye

Post by Vagrant »

The IDIOT should be named, and given a chance to tell his side :idea:
But, it sure sounds bad :!:
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Re: Goodbye

Post by lars »

TRYKER wrote:i hate assholes

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Re: Goodbye

Post by Viking45 »

Very sorry to hear this ECS,I wish you wouldn't leave us.
I hope you decide to stay here.
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Razor_54 »

Sorry to hear about your departure, but please don't judge the rest of us due to one SOB. :evil:
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Re: Goodbye

Post by maceco »

I am sorry this happened to you ECS. I agree with Razor_54. I would also like to say Thank you. Thank you for your inspiring tutorials, the great pics of your imaginative creations and for all of your other posts that showed your knowledge and sense of camaraderie. You will be missed.
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Tom19176 »

Who do be that stupid? I too wish you would "out" the asshole!
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Tom19176 »

Hope you stay. I know of only one person with whom you had a public fight with.....
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Re: Goodbye

Post by JerrBear »

eastcoastsniper wrote: I will not belong to a forum that harbors such people.

This Forum is open to ALL - It "harbors" no one! If there is a way to screen-out a$$holes, I'm sure Mr. Arthas would love to hear about it. I have found that mos' of the members here are good, decent and honest people. To blame this Forum for the hateful act of one despicable individual is wrong-headed and unfair!

I think you should expose the no-good scumbag who betrayed you, if for no other reason than a "public service" to prevent him/her from victimizing any others.

I have always liked and respected you and admired your work (I am even the proud owner of a couple of your fine customized knives). However, if you hold us ALL responsible for your unfortunate experience, perhaps it's best that you DO leave...

Personally, I wish you would reconsider what you said and stick around. This Forum is a better place because of your contributions.

(The above is MY ownself mos' humble and totally worthless opinion and DOES NOT neccessarily reflect the views of Management or any other Forum members)...
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jim d,
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Re: Goodbye

Post by jim d, »

Well stated JerrBear. Additionally, members here tend to also be members of other switchblade forums, often (like you) with a different froum name. So there is a good chance that the offending individual is a member of similar forums as well. If you do in fact like it here, why grant someone the power to deprive you of something you enjoy?

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Re: Goodbye

Post by tr4252 »

It stinks. I'd like to see some more information.

Sniper, I suggest you tell me your story via PM, or one of the other moderators. If we have a member pulling a stunt like this, we need to know about it.

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