Clean it up !

Do you want to talk about your beautiful country, family, or dog? Would you like to say where you went on holiday or how you arranged the garden? Are you willing to tell us you girlfriend left you for a(nother) loser? Do you have ANY non knife-related topic you want to discuss? This is the place!

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Clean it up !

Post by Vagrant » Fri Oct 10, 2008 4:35 pm

The amount of profanity and vulgarity on the forum HAS come to the attention of the Moderators !
At times, an "earthy" figure of speech IS effective, for emphasis, but there is no need to overdo it !
A post with many profanities only shows that you cannot articulate or express your thoughts in an intelligent and literate manner !
Please THINK before you post.
Often a slight change [like "a$$hole"] is preferable to the correct spelling, IF you HAVE to use it.
Links that are manufatured,misquotes, and vulgar are not proper.
Links to someones REAL statements [no matter how heated or innane] at least, lets you judge the individual that is making them.
PLEASE clean up your posts [a little] or the Moderators may have to do it for you !