auction site reopened.

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Bill DeShivs
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Re: auction site reopened.

Post by Bill DeShivs »

You're still shown as a moderator, Terry.
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Re: auction site reopened.

Post by robcelani »

I used to have an account on the sharperdeals forum. I tried signing in today and could not. I got the following message:
"The specified username is currently inactive. If you have problems activating your account, please contact a board administrator."

I don't know how to contact an administrator on the forum because I can't get in. Are any of the mods here also mods on sharperdeals?
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Re: auction site reopened.

Post by whippersnapper »

Probably the best thing to do is use the contact form on the bottom of the home page

I believe I heard that with the new site everyone will have to reregister and create a new account.
sammy the blade
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Re: auction site reopened.

Post by sammy the blade »

Just tried the link, didn't work for me.
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Re: auction site reopened.

Post by JulesVane »

sammy the blade wrote: Sat Jul 06, 2024 12:26 am Just tried the link, didn't work for me.
On June 1st, Bob announced on Facebook, that it was shutting down for good due to his health. Sadly. :cry: But, the SD Forum will continue.

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Re: auction site reopened.

Post by john »

That’s sad news. Bob I hope you feel better and your quality of life improves dramatically. Perhaps some day the auction site will be back on line.
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