April Fool's Day-

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Wally J. Corpse
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April Fool's Day-

Post by Wally J. Corpse »

Greetings, Legion Of Fan-

On the day of yester, the Official Holiday of April Fools Day was celebrated. It's a highly touted and tutored WJC annual event. Many a stallworth chuckle and some subpoenas have resulted from my traditional efforts to promote foolery. I was wondering if'n any here amongst you were the giver of or the recipient of, any foolery/pranks/jokeage that ye would care to share...
Our own forum joker, Mr. Doofus Emeritus, pranked his mime rectal kazoo marching band by applying instant setting contact epoxy adhesive to their instruments.
I was conspiring to prank/fool myself, but the statute of limitations hasn't run out yet...

AS ever,
Your ol' pal,
Wally J. Corpse

P.S. For Easter, I got a nice plastic egg with a rock inside that looks like an eye...it'll go well with my homemade slingshot to test the reflexes of the neighbor's autistic kid
sammy the blade
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Re: April Fool's Day-

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Well, at least something, all I got was some shit candy my son wouldn't eat.
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