8038 Days Ago-

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8038 Days Ago-

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Greetings All-

That many days expired since the '9/11' terrorist attacks. I'm fairly sure that this week, many here among us recall where we were when we saw the news...the video footage was succinctly graphic enough to enrage us US…
Somewhat later, USN Seal Team Six found to capture osama hiding in a toilet hole, and brought to justice..My ol' pal from teams 2, then 6, wasn't on that raid, but spun the team mates tale..

Here's a pic of the nice Seal Team Six emblem sticker he gave me for mine Colt SP-1 AS-15...

AS ever,
Your ol' pal,
Wally J. Corpse
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Re: 8038 Days Ago-

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They should have just flushed him down, after they chopped him up in very small pieces. A day I doubt I'll ever forget! Just bought a new truck and walked in the house and turned on the TV and thought it was a movie. Then the second one came in and realized this shit is for real. None should ever forget!!!
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