Just Passed Queen...

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Wally J. Corpse
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Just Passed Queen...

Post by Wally J. Corpse »

Greetings, Legion Of Fan-

Rumor hazzit that the reigning matriarch has exited this temporal plane. Newscasts full of the pomp and tradition of lying in state, and the convoy processions of transport. I observed that she was within a casket with the traditional 'coffin' shape, always a crowd pleaser.
Wasn't it her royal scepter that knighted a Beatle? 007 was on her "secret service" AS 'bodyguard'.
Oh well, now there is risen a king. Let's see how this plays out on the world stage, recently awash in controversy.
Eye saw Queen in concert once, FMercury strutting about to "Killer Queen". The opening act was Mahogany Rush, and their phrase- "There will be wars, and rumors of wars" may resurrect past future foretelling.
The British Empire has long played a part in the hysterical historical archive of history, and has been a major influence of life on this planet.
So then, AS your spiritual advisor, I decree that all Subjects follow the Bonzo current method of sorrow expression, the hourly, full headset volume listening to his favorite ABBA tune- "Dancing Queen", with sob and weep.

AS ever,
Your ol' pal,
Wally J. Corpse

P.S. Howdja like to be the Loyal Subject that had to inspect the queen corpse's family jewels?
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Re: Just Passed Queen...

Post by DocV »

Hourly? Is that a hard and fast rule? Jist asking for a friend...
"A chance to cut is a chance to cure.....heal with cold steel."
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Re: Just Passed Queen...

Post by natcherly »

In knighting, the Queen followed long standing tradition and made use of a sword saying, "I dub thee Sir _____" (fill in the blank). She did not actually wear said blade, as a sword tended to clash with her wide brimmed Royal Headgear. Even in uniform, she wore no sword for doing so is difficult riding sidesaddle.
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Re: Just Passed Queen...

Post by Bonzo »

Mr. Corpse,

I was woefully depressed the marching band didn't play Dancing Queen during the funeral procession, or the fact they didn't even make an attempt at a DQ dirge. The kazoo mimes could have done better. Although I'm somewhat confused as to the monarchy thingy since we are only subjects to the current dictatorship, I did gain respect for the Queen when she played our national anthem after 9/11. That was class, I'd say she had more balls than her dorkified sons...

Best regards,

"A little rebellion now & then is a good thing"
Thomas Jefferson
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