Roofing job of nightmares for Wally J corpse.

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Roofing job of nightmares for Wally J corpse.

Post by jerryk25 »

House in Zakopianski Poland in the Tatra Mountains.
Zakopianski-Poland-Tatra-Mountains-04.jpg (52.24 KiB) Viewed 122 times
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Re: Roofing job of nightmares for Wally J corpse.

Post by Bonzo »

Mr. Jerry,

I would say that particular roof is a wannabe cry of the old wood shingle wave, done with a wood shake or some sort of tile, hard to tell. It might be a fun one to do, but it lacks serious sophistication and forethought, something the likes of WJC could probably construct with eyes closed in mid daydream. Here is an example of the ocean wave, done most likely by a journey level roofer, albeit impressive, yet lacking the qualities of the master-roofer tradesman (the flow lines have inconsistencies, disruptions). As a 25 year veteran of the roofing wars, I personally never attempted the wave, although I have done more wood shingles than I care to admit. Maybe we can awaken Mr. Corpse from his gummy slumber and get his opinion?
3in+heavy+ocean+wave.jpg (947.02 KiB) Viewed 34 times

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Re: Roofing job of nightmares for Wally J corpse.

Post by sammy the blade »

Looks like that crew found some GOOD acid to me.
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