Italian lever mangle

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wild zebra
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Italian lever mangle

Post by wild zebra »

Nothing fancy here. This started life as a crappy leverletto clone and I had a massaro blade laying around. I think I got it from J.A.C. . So I morphed them with some cocobolo and this is what happened. It's not the best, but I wanted to see what I could do with some scrap parts I had laying around. I tried to put this together in one sitting and pretty quickly and it shows, but mission accomplished.

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Re: Italian lever mangle

Post by Jeff »

Fantastic work Rusty, you seem to pay great attention to detail on all the knives you've made that I've seen. 8)
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Re: Italian lever mangle

Post by peter44 »

very nice :!: looks good to me :!:
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Re: Italian lever mangle

Post by whippersnapper »

Looks alright! 8)
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Re: Italian lever mangle

Post by TRYKER »

:D :D :D

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Re: Italian lever mangle

Post by lars »

It turned out very nice!
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Re: Italian lever mangle

Post by BIRD »

pretty cool
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Re: Italian lever mangle

Post by Viking45 »

Excellent. I like the "no-bolster" look,never seen that before. Mr. Zebra,you are quite the mangler.
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