Clean it up !

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Clean it up !

Post by Vagrant »

The amount of profanity and vulgarity on the forum HAS come to the attention of the Moderators !
At times, an "earthy" figure of speech IS effective, for emphasis, but there is no need to overdo it !
A post with many profanities only shows that you cannot articulate or express your thoughts in an intelligent and literate manner !
Please THINK before you post.
Often a slight change [like "a$$hole"] is preferable to the correct spelling, IF you HAVE to use it.
Links that are manufatured,misquotes, and vulgar are not proper.
Links to someones REAL statements [no matter how heated or innane] at least, lets you judge the individual that is making them.
PLEASE clean up your posts [a little] or the Moderators may have to do it for you !