About the first week of the month...

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About the first week of the month...

Postby Fishtail Picklock » Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:24 am

I bought a Queen Barlow Red Stag Bone (#69 1/2) with D2 blades and it is the "cat's pajamas". (I carry it nearly as much as I carry my Case CV Yellow Delrin Peanut. After a bit of reprofiling the blade on My Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker it slices paper quite admirably. :)

I have two "change pockets" In my favorite sportcoat in one pocket rides my Peanut and in the other the Barlow. These meet about 90% of my cutting needs/chores and the rest are "cleaned up" by Victorinox Rambler. These are a fantastic trio! 8)

Life is good. :wink: :mrgreen:
Fishtail Picklock

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