Dick Van Dyke Show Trick Knife

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Dick Van Dyke Show Trick Knife

Post by jerryk25 »

Okay . . . .

No photo of the trick knife is available . . . .
Photo shown is not correct, it only references the office camera shot.

I am in search of a photo,
maybe someone knows which episode it is shown.
maybe someone has the real thing.

In one episode, Dick is standing in his office, explaining to Bud and Sally
some generic comedy skit, and he was eating an apple, with a kitchen paring knife.
I don't recall the timing or sequence of these images. . . .

It is an O-T-F trick magic knife, probably a one only stage prop construction.
It looks like a small steak knife with an Opinel twist barrel upper bolster.
Twisted one way locks the blade open, looking like a non-folding paring/steak knife.
untwist and it is an OTF spring loaded to stay out unlocked.

Dick is "Lecturing forcefully" playing with the knife like a pointer as he eats the apple.
At one point he throws it point first at his desk, and it sticks . . .(like William Holden in Stalag 13)

He begins pounding his right fist into his left hand as he argues points.
He picks up the knife and " forgets " . . .and stabs his hand. . . the blade OTF retracts like a trick knife.
He makes a slapstick facial grimace.

I have another mental image of Dick , looking like he is picking off apple refuse from the open blade tang,
when in fact, he twists the Opinel barrel twist locking collar. . . . .changing the trick knife OTF dynamics.
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Re: Dick Van Dyke Show Trick Knife

Post by Killgar »

Not what you described, but a different episode with a trick knife (retracting blade)-


Also, I don't know if you know, but you can watch just about anything for free on the internet, movies and tv shows. I just found out a few years ago and it changed my life (entertainment wise).There are several websites with free content. Maybe if you do a bit of binge-watching you'll find the episode you're looking for.

Here's all 5 seasons of the Dick Van Dyke Show- https://www.tubitv.com/series/300008096 ... start=true
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