Wade and Butcher switch blade?

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Wade and Butcher switch blade?

Post by Oldmanrvr57 »

I recently purchased a Wade and Butcher switch blade and have been unable to find any information on it! It is a stag handle and pat. Dated of Sept. 1910
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Re: Wade and Butcher switch blade?

Post by sammy the blade »

Pictures would help.
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Re: Wade and Butcher switch blade?

Post by john »

sammy the blade wrote: Wed Dec 22, 2021 4:27 pm Pictures would help.
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Re: Wade and Butcher switch blade?

Post by Killgar »

Got this info off the internet-

"Wade and Butcher was a tradename of the W & S Butcher Company. Brothers William and Samuel Butcher started the company in Sheffield (England) in the 1820's. Not too long after they had a partner named Robert Wade who was the New York based importer of W & S Butcher knives for the US. This was one of the main markets for the company's goods prior to the introduction of the McKinley tariffs of 1891.

Not all W & S Butcher knives are marked Wade and Butcher. In 1921 the American company Durham-Duplex bought W & S Butcher and used it for the production of their safety razors as well as other forms of cutlery.

W & S Butcher ceased production in Sheffield in 1959."
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Re: Wade and Butcher switch blade?

Post by niceguy2 »

probably a Schrade cut co. contract knife , is it a 5 inch knife with a clip blade and jigged cow bone covers ? ive had one marked as such. It should have 3 dates on it. Pictures would help
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