What's your experience/opinion re: Sandvik's 14C2N steel?

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What's your experience/opinion re: Sandvik's 14C2N steel?

Post by MingOnMongo »

New to 'collecting' and used to consider D2 my 'fav' steel, but after finding a couple of nice, and affordable partially-serrated folders (great for marine environments and for cutting poly line), am really liking their 14C2N blades, apparently developed especially for their chinese-made knives by Sandvik in Sweden, and now finding its way into other brands as well.

Naturally a lot depends on our requirements, but curious what more 'experienced' folks think of this quasi-'budget' steel? Thx.
Fishtail Picklock
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Re: What's your experience/opinion re: Sandvik's 14C2N steel?

Post by Fishtail Picklock »

For a "pocket knife" and "budget" steel it is okay. Heat treatment is what makes the difference with most "budget" steel and this one is no different. IT requires frequent sharpening under extensive use, but its toughness and corrosion resistance covers a multitude of shortcomings.

You get what you pay for, but a pocket knife is often a "carry a lot, use a little" proposition. Just be aware that resharpening isn't always a bad thing. "City boys" generally "carry" more often than they use. The more "rural" the orientation, the more frequent the knife will be used. This calls for higher-quality steel. (Lowering the resharpening requirements).
Fishtail Picklock
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