Recommended VG-10 chef knife

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Recommended VG-10 chef knife

Post by MattBPKT »

I'm looking for a new Chef's knife in VG-10. I always really liked the steel and I no longer have any folders in it and I've gotten more interested in my kitchen cutlery recently so why not. Why should I care so much about my EDC blades and their super steels only to use crap knives every night for food prep! I know this is a low budget but I'd really like to have ~$80 or less in the chef's knife new, if that's not possible then tell me what to watch for secondary market. I'm doing research for what I can "ask" the kids for Father's Day so quality per dollar and best value trumps any specific name brand or country of origin, I'm not trying to impress my in-laws, just make myself happy.
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Re: Recommended VG-10 chef knife

Post by Viking45 »

This one looks nice for about the price you mentioned.
I highly recommend a Japanese knife.
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