Searching for Stoddard's unknown "Taiwanese cleaver"

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Searching for Stoddard's unknown "Taiwanese cleaver"

Post by iain »

I am looking for an unknown "Taiwanese cleaver." I used to live in Boston, MA where there is a fabulous store called Stoddard's. They used to carry a knife visually similar to this one:

I picked up a few of them as gifts for friends, who loved them. I, however, never got one for myself. Right when I was going to, Stoddard's lost their importer. She simply moved away. The story was that there was a woman who would bring the knives in direct, as she had family in Taiwan whom she visited. I could be mistaken; It may have been Hong Kong. Nonetheless, Stoddard's was not even aware of the true branding or maker. They just called the knife their "Taiwanese cleaver," or something like that. It was several years ago that the importer moved away. Stoddard's claims to be actively looking for the knife again as it was supposedly very popular with professional clientele. This is to the point that Stoddard's keeps a list of people who have been asking after the knife. Anyway, If there is anyone out there for whom this rings a bell and who can supply me with the actual name of the knife or an image of its markings, I would be truly appreciative!!
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