What era is this dagger!

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What era is this dagger!

Post by sharpy »

Anyone tell me what era this is? Civil war?
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Re: What era is this dagger!

Post by natcherly »

Made by a blacksmith, maybe here or more likely in India/Pakistan. Probably not all that old.
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Re: What era is this dagger!

Post by Killgar »

From the pics it looks like that handle shows no sign of age, no splitting, no cracks. Unless it receives regular care, wood suffers from time and age, it dries out, shrinks, cracks, etc.

I'd say there's no way that handle is Cival War era.
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Re: What era is this dagger!

Post by Billyfish »

I was thinking Filipino. The '|X||' file work is often seen on the spine of knives and bolos of non-Moro Filipinos.
Could be from the late 19th or early 20thC.
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