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Forum Tips, Tricks and Picture Posting

Postby ILikeStilettos » Sat Sep 26, 2015 8:47 pm

ILikeStilettos wrote:I'm a long time computer geek and a legend in my own mind. How can I republish a post that I have created, or someone else has, and put it on another forum?

Have you ever wondered how those exotic looking posts are created? How they put more than 4 pictures in a thread and intersperse them with descriptive text?


MeNoSayDat wrote:How do you quote someone who isn't really here and put words in their mouth? How do you include material from more than one post or even a post from another forum or website?

Have you ever wanted to quote part of what someone said and include only one or two of their pictures or show them in a different order?

This post uses most of the tools already built into this site and has been manually edited to do things that are allowed, but not explained. I'd explain them here, but I can't show you how to do it because the special codes I am trying to explain will be interpreted by this message and you won't see them. I have a text document that does all this. Shoot me an email or a PM with your name and email address and I will send you the document. Soon you will be able to do this for yourself.
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