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Just Joined

Post by jerryk25 »

Hello everyone . . .I'm just arrived here on this forum.
I'm Jerry Katrencik from south of Pittsburgh Pa. . . . . Born in the 50's.
I'm a retired career Draftsman / Mechanical Designer / Technical Illustrator / Cartoon Artist.
I have U.S.Gov patents on Ammonium DiMolybdate Conversion Furnace and also Sears Craftsman type woodworking tools.

I worked at the Meadows Horse Race Track as a teenager.
I worked at Molycorp Chemical Plant. a "Strategic Metals Production Company" in the 1980's
and was exposed to Toxic low level radio-active Rare Earth Metals in reduction furnaces,
(we made coatings for jet radar nose-cone dishes.) and it affected my health.
I'm mostly bed-ridden with my leg skin deteriorating and bone joint deterioration.

I co-owned an worked at machine shop for 20 years and sold my shares, got out.
I drew for Sheldon Levy of the old 1980's pre-internet Automatic Knives Newsletter a few times.
I worked with All-Clad Metalcrafters (stainless kitchen cutlery / spoons / Ladles, and pots and pans).

I inherited my fathers Barlow Knife collection, and started collecting "One Cent Sale" mini stilettos as a kid.
my first switchblades was a brown swirl Snappy that my Father gave me along with
his Edgemaster Paratroopers knife with a chain and beer bottle opener Fob end.

I like Manual Picklocks, and have many 9 inch G.C.Co lockbacks that I mangled into gravity flick knives.
I have a special liking for the Movie Knife from "Eye of the Needle" , and once built a few at the shop.

Recently I've done some drawings for Walt Halucha of Latama LLC.
(Don't ask me to post his stuff, I'm a bonded agent patent illustrator, it's all proprietary intellectual property)

I like "the Red Baron", My 1966 GTO, Balsa Airplanes, M1 Carbines, Cowboy Six shooters,
I have a pretty complete Mad Magazine collection except for 3 or 4 of the early years.
I have two brothers that are artists, one older, one younger, both were/ are art teachers.
a nurse sister, a mother and mother-in-law. and many other family members.
We all live together or within walking distance.

I guess I'm a Mangler. . . not a knife maker. . . . .I've cobbled up repairs. . .
I was pretty good at cosmetic repairs on old horn. But my old hands can not grab tools anymore.
I can still hold an Inkpen . . .but I fall asleep in the middle of drawing and drool all over my pages.

I'm new to this forum's setup . . I need to figure out the buttons.

Here's my cartoon self image drawn with my own hand.
Here's my real face with and without a beard.
Jerry-thinking-000.jpg (101.74 KiB) Viewed 742 times
Jerry-K-Talkblade-02.jpg (28.52 KiB) Viewed 746 times
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jim d,
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Re: Just Joined

Post by jim d, »

Welcome Jerry- good to see you here.

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Re: Just Joined

Post by whippersnapper »

Howdy Jerry!
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Bill DeShivs
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Re: Just Joined

Post by Bill DeShivs »

Glad you made it.
Bill DeShivs, Master Cutler
Factory authorized repairs for:
Latama, Mauro Mario, LePre, Colonial, Kabar, Flylock, Schrade Cut Co., Presto, Press Button, Hubertus, Grafrath, Kuno Ritter knives.
sammy the blade
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Re: Just Joined

Post by sammy the blade »

Welcome aboard, used to really enjoy your posts on sharperdeal forum.
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Connoisseur dei Coltelli
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Re: Just Joined

Post by natcherly »

Hi Jerry! Really enjoy your informative and often hilarious posts. Welcome!!!
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Re: Just Joined

Post by JulesVane »

Hello Jerry!

"By accepting you as you are, I do not necessarily abandon all hope of your improving"- My Wife (1963-Present)
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Re: Just Joined

Post by TRYKER »


A man who brags about how smart he is, wouldn't if he was.

"Rose-colored glassses are never made in bifocals. Nobody wants to read the small print in dreams"
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Re: Just Joined

Post by rock-n-roll$$$$$$ »

good to have you here Jerry.
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Re: Just Joined

Post by Tom19176 »

Glad you joined here too Jerry and on my birthday ! Great present !
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