The SWHRT9B arrived today.

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Fishtail Picklock
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The SWHRT9B arrived today.

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This "Boot Knife" is more of a belt knife, but is quite well balanced when it comes to size and function (as much as a dagger-style blade can be). The 7Cr17 "High Carbon" steel blade is pliable/flexible enough to be tough yet hold an edge well enough to perform routine cutting chores.

I can hear you all telling me that "this is cheap Chinese junk" and that "it is only good for stabbing" (and possibly some slicing). That may be true, but I will stand in defense of my "Old Timer" Sharpfinger (152OT), Boot Knife (162OT) and "Deerslayer" (15OT). These are comprised of the same steel and hold an edge well and are tough, not fragile.

I look forward to carrying both the Gerber Guardian and the SWHRT9B as a pair of "get off me" knives. Don't discount these knives jut because they're "Made in China" because they're a better value for the money than you think.
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Fishtail Picklock
sammy the blade
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Re: The SWHRT9B arrived today.

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There are a lot of good knives coming out of China anymore! Hard to find anything that isn't made in China.
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