Spring release RAF knife

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Spring release RAF knife

Postby gravknife » Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:23 pm

I know this isnt a switchblade but thought id post to show you the strange release mechanism.
These were issued in the 90s made by William Rodgers,and is military marked with crows foot and id number to say which country it was issued to .The blade is curved and razor sharp ,made for seatbelt cutting or parachute cord.The handles are a tough patterned plastic and have 2 wings protruding.
The sheath folded steel with a peg which alligns with thw hole in the handle and locks when the wings are held in and pushed over the peg.
To release you push the wings together and out it springs.
The knife should have a sheath which is sewn onto a flight suit so the knife is readily available in emergency,i havnt got this but im looking as many probably remained on the uniform.
SAS have been pictured wearing these knives but they probably use it as intended not as some suggest a throat cutter.
I am looking up more info on these but thought id let you have a look,and I love any military issue knives if anyone has got any to post.
Thanks for looking my freinds.

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