WT US 1942

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WT US 1942

Post by Skyyy.Blades »

This one feels really good in my hands. Legit and the date marked 1942. I feel like im holding a piece of history.

Check out the symbol engraved on it. Any one knows the story behind it?

Skyyy S.
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Re: WT US 1942

Post by jerryk25 »

Short M1 Garand bayonet with bakelight handle scales (not wood)

Seeing the end of the blade fuller, means this is not a "cut down" long bayonet.

I might be very wrong, , ,I don't collect bayonets.

I cannot find an explanation of the "Gear" symbol tang stamp.
I find the multi-flame grenade. . .and the crossed cannons approval stamp.

Is this a modern reproduction bayonet ?
I don't see vintage bayonets in collectible Talk website photos showing the "Gear" tang stamp.
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Re: WT US 1942

Post by SchwarzStock »

This is a relatively rare WWII "WT" Wilde Drop Forge & Tool (WT) bayonet who produced approximately 60,000 M1905 bayonets from 1942 to 1943.
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