U.S. WW1 Trench Knife 1918

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U.S. WW1 Trench Knife 1918

Post by DeafSmith »


I was at this pawn shop and found what I believe is, maybe, an original WW1 1918 trench knife.

Note the guard is bent a bit... I presume it was altered as they tend to be strait.





Now is this legit? I know the sheath was made for a WW2 M6 trench knife (almost an M1 Carbine bayonet but with no ring or lug.)

Notice the guard is bent backward.. some of the other original ones I've seen on the net have them bent forward or not bent at all!
Do they vary?

They are asking $850 for both the knife and the sheath.


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Re: U.S. WW1 Trench Knife 1918

Post by TRYKER »

you can ask as much as they want, getting it is something else.

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Re: U.S. WW1 Trench Knife 1918

Post by sammy the blade »

What TRYKER said. My Dad told me when I was very young to want in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first. A tough lesson I've lived by.
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Re: U.S. WW1 Trench Knife 1918

Post by jerryk25 »

I had a Japan copy years ago and it did not come with a sheath.
My copy had a smaller guard tab and was not bent.
And It's tang was different.

I can't speak to the authenticity of the knife, or if it is a particular specimen.
L.F.& C or Au Lion . .there may be more. . .

But the leather sheath looks old and complex built, something not found in clones.
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Re: U.S. WW1 Trench Knife 1918

Post by sharpy »

The scabbard is the early version for the M3 Trench knife, if it's a real one it's worth good money, I can't ell but it looks like the Au Lion mark on the blade, They where made in France for the US. The original scabbard for the 1918 was made from sheet metal. I my opinion if nothing is repo The scabbard will bring north of $5-600 on ebay. The knife is probably by itself worth around $650 plus.
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Re: U.S. WW1 Trench Knife 1918

Post by LittleAugieMo »

Think sharpy nailed it. Bent guard could possibly be from being in a fiberglass sheath at some point,however sheath that is shown doesn't appear to be reproduction
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