Italian Gerber dagger / boot knife

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Italian Gerber dagger / boot knife

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Just scored an identical pair today at the flea ($50 for both) -- I can find Gerber stuff that looks kinda-sorta like these; but nothing identical.

Supposedly the original owner was a military pilot and carried them as part of his survival kit. The are really scuffed from carrying, but the blades don’t show any use; so maybe it’s true. Might anyone know the name or model designation or anything of these Gerbers? These might date back to the 1980s but this is just a guess.

SPECS: OAL 8” / Blade 3.75”+ (1/8” at base; tapered lengthwise + flat grind taper) single edge; partly serrated / high-power rare-earth
magnet sticks all the way down the handle, so it's full tang / "Gerber" name and "M. Baroni design ITALY" molded into handle,
and "Gerber" molded into sheath; no markings of any kind on blade.

The closest things I can find are these:

1. A Gerber dive knife designed by Baroni -- but this is double-edged and has a shiny stainless-steel blade (priced at $60) ... dive-knife

2. A Gerber "Expedition" knife designed by Baroni -- also double-edged -- seller says: "Very rare as most made were made with
an all stainless steel or chromed finish blade. Check Ebay and you will find little if any that were listed or sold." (priced at $176) ... 327-knife/

Any info much appreciated....!
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