19th century DIRK

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19th century DIRK

Post by button_man »

Hello everyone..... I just picked up this nasty-looking dirk at a local flea market last weekend. No markings of any kind; no sheath either. Amazingly, the blade and guard are absolutely tight -- not the slightest bit of play or wobble. The seller told me that the knife came out of an old barn in Cumberland County, Maine. (I figured that I couldn't go too far wrong for $35.)

Can anybody offer insight as to the approximate age, and any other information..... even speculative? My entirely uneducated guess is early-to-mid 1800s, but this is just a guess. I've seen any number of very old knives; but they are usually kitchen knives, hunting knives, etc. This knife is the first one that I've bought that appears to be this old and that was clearly intended for 'serious business'. The Civil War? Piracy? Who knows...... any help much appreciated !

(The photos show each side of the knife) (OAL = 10 1/8" / blade = 5 7/8")
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Re: 19th century DIRK

Post by rithvich »

It's very crude. Tough thing about knives like this is it could be much older then your guess or it could have been made by a teenager learning iron work in the 1970's.

Let us know what you turn up.
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