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Talkblade Forum Guidelines - Read this before posting!

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First, of all, welcome to TalkBlade!!!!, the web's most friendly community on knives and blades. The top features of TalkBlade are:

* You can enjoy safe discussion in an environment constantly monitored in order to get rid of trolls and spammers.
* Our members, coming from all around the world, are all knife enthusiasts which will be glad to know you and answer your questions (knife-related or not ;-)).
* The staff of SKM, AB Coltellerie and DueBuoi reads this forum and will answer your questions. You'll also be able to give advice for knives you'd like to be produced.
* As a TalkBlade member, you have prior knowledge and access to limited editions and specials released by SKM, AB Coltellerie or DueBuoi.
* You can upload photos and attach them to your message directly from with TalkBlade. As an alternative, you can use an online service: here you can find a good tutorial.
* All these features come free of charge.

Please do not introduce yourselves in Switchblade Knives area. Use TalkBlade Revealed +Mix instead. Thanks!!!
TalkBlade posting rules

TalkBlade is meant to be a free forum. However, to ensure the conversation doesn't stray too much from the path and that the board remains always interesting, please keep in mind the following basic rules when posting:

* Do not discuss importations, customs, shipping companies, or ways to illegaly import knives in your nation.
* Do not reveal in public the real name of any dealer, as he might not be happy of this. Always refer to a dealer using his/her seller's handle.
* Do not use a too much expicit or, worst, offesinve language. Good humor is always well accepted, but don't go down too hard.
* If you have an ongoing beef on another Internet forum, please leave it there: we don't want fights imported here. If another forum as something interesting to share we would like, however, to know as well. After all, we are knife enthuasists.
* Please use the appropriate forum for your post. If you don't see a board that matches the topic of what you want to say, please post it in the OFF TOPIC section.
* Do not reply to posts which are spam: they will be deleted, and so will be your replies.
* SALE of items is not allowed outside the Buy&Sell forum.
* Before SELLING something on Buy&Sell, at least 15 days should have passed after your subscription to TalkBlade, and you need to have at least 20 non-trivial posts in other areas.
* Also, this thread is for selling or buying a knife, NO AUCTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED!
Moderators are tolerant, but reserve themselves the right to delete messages which go against these suggestions. If you have any doubt or question concerning any of these points, or any other question about TalkBlade, feel free to contact any of the moderators: they're here to help you!
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