My Ganzo G-7582-BK arrived today.

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Fishtail Picklock
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My Ganzo G-7582-BK arrived today.

Postby Fishtail Picklock » Sat Feb 03, 2018 12:00 am

After removing it from its box it is nice as I had hoped. The action is quick, the blade is sharp, fit and finish are excellent. It is everything I have come to expect from Ganzo. The while the design is derivative, it is well executed. The blade snaps open with authority. The firing button sits deep and accidental firing isn't likely. The only takeaway is the safety. It seems a bit gritty and must be pushed forward quite hard to engage. Accidental firing isn't likely at all, but it is important that the unit functions. We'll see how it works out as time rolls on.

This will go right into my 3-Ganzo pocket rotation.
Fishtail Picklock

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