Firecracker OTF is pretty sweet little clicker

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Firecracker OTF is pretty sweet little clicker

Post by ThaiBoxer » Thu Jan 25, 2018 1:45 am

I haven’t bought any auto knives in a while and lately started carrying a few of my dinky lever locks or little Protech in office slacks. Years ago I had a UTX-70 for a few days but the cost:knife ratio pissed me off and I sold it. Plus the little bastard misfired a few times...

So now I wanted another small OTF and started thinking of a UTX-70 again, searched and found Firecracker Mini. For $26 sent I had an electric blue mini OTF in my hands.

It is a sweet little knife! 100% fire rate so far, reasonable edge, no pocket clip but didn’t want one, and a pretty blue. A real nice cheapie that feels better quality than my 10 year old Lightning (still serving well on my work bench) and is maybe the best value in a clicker knife that I’ve seen. I have a number of Microtechs and Benchmade and Italians and also some cheapies and clones but this one feels quite competitive with higher end to me.

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