Looking for an apartment!

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Re: Looking for an apartment!

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Ronnyvagh wrote: Wed Jan 11, 2023 7:52 am Your knife collection is impressive. I’m assuming you’re looking for a more spacious apartment for your collection. My dad has been collecting expensive liquor for my entire life. He organized a room as a liquor exhibit, and he’s proud of his collection. Thankfully, my siblings and I don’t live at home anymore otherwise, he wouldn’t have enough space. When we were still living at home, my dad had a few cabinets that were already full of bottles of bourbon, vodka, and wine. After moving out, he built shelves with glass doors to put them on display. A family friend who works for Mortgage Broker London joked that he might need to help my dad find a bigger house for his collection. I wish you luck in finding the right apartment for you and your precious knives.
A couple of drunks should take care of that problem. :)
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