Rizzuto quality?

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Re: Rizzuto quality?

Post by Mario »

Bonzo wrote: Sat Nov 21, 2020 4:16 pm Mr. Mario,

Your topic speaks volumes with that question mark. It's non-existent. They are however, a coveted collectible item due to their past novelty popularity. Certainly not a reliable self defense weapon due to it's pot metal innards and flimsy liners, you could very well be short of a few digits after losing the battle. I look at them as an investment, and never pass one up as long as I know the seller is gullible.

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Thanks for your input Bonz! Yeah, they certainly never seemed like ideal weapons if a situation came up where you had to defend yourself. The button open/button close locking system on them seems like it could be potentially dangerous if you had a really tight grip on the handle and were thrusting heavily. Definitely a high chance of the button getting pressed and the blade closing up on your fingers. Only way to avoid that would be if you immediately put the safety on after deploying the blade, but how many would think to do that in an emergency situation? I wouldn’t trust using a NATO or Super Auto OTF for self defense either. They seem to have flimsy blades that could easily snap off.
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