Shun Chef Knife: Kramer or Onion?

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Shun Chef Knife: Kramer or Onion?

Post by Charles12345 » Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:25 pm

I was in Sur La Table the other day and saw the 8 inch Bob Kramer Shun Chef's knife... I thought the knife looked beautiful, except for the blade, which looked like it had fake metal mimicry - to make it look like the other Shun knife blades... I thought it looked kinda cheesy... but it felt wonderful in the hand, and cut beautifully. What a great knife!
It's $350. A bit of an investment, but it's a lifetime of knife!
So, I'm thinking about whether to buy it at that moment, and mentioned to the sales guy that I didn't think I'd like it so much when I saw the blade, and he said "well you should have seen the Ken Onion 8 inch Chef's knife we USED to have...beautiful Shun blade, and wonderful feel!
Mind you, I have big hands. The salesman had very small hands. I like a big knife...he didn't like the weight of the Bob Kramer knife...but said i would LOVE the Ken Onion... Grr! Of course, I couldn't find anyone who carries the Ken Onion Shun 8" Chef's knife...

So, I know a person has to feel it for him/herself, but I just thought I'd put it out there and see if anyone has used the two side by side...?


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Re: Shun Chef Knife: Kramer or Onion?

Post by Viking45 » Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:54 pm

Charles- Welcome and sorry about the trouble in the beginning.

I had to go to the website to see what knife you are referring to.
Obviously this is a very high-end chef knife.
I read the description and copied it-

Each knife is meticulously crafted by 150 expert artisans to achieve the precise heft, balance and shape of Bob Kramer’s original design. The 3mm steel blades are composed of SG2 cores (64-66HRC) clad with true pattern-welded nickel and Damascus stainless steel for beautiful, razor-sharp and lasting edges. Gently rounded and richly grained red and black Pakkawood handles are crafted in Bob’s signature contoured shape, and mirror the curve of the palm for a wonderfully natural hand-feel. Use these chef’s knives to chop, slice, dice, mince and more on about any ingredient. Made in Japan.

In my opinion this blade has one of the most beautiful "damascus steels" I have seen in a chef knife.
If you are not familiar with damascus steel,those "grains" you see that resemble wood grain are actually layers and layers of steel which is very costly to produce.
I am sure the quality is superb. Japanese make some of the finest culinary knives in the world.
For home use I could not see paying this kind of money for a kitchen knife however I would consider 80 to 125 bucks for a nice culinary knife.
If one made a living as a chef then spending the 339 dollars for the 8 inch or 379 for the 10 inch.

Here is the link if any other members want to check it out. ... 3Bs-Knives

I hope I was of some help. Kitchen knives are not my specialty....sounding like I know what I'm talking is my specialty :lol:

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Re: Shun Chef Knife: Kramer or Onion?

Post by Dubsy » Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:51 pm

i know im a little late to the game, but i would say the bob Kramer is the way to go. the Onion has ALOT of rock to the blade, making it see somewhat awkward. for me, the bob is still really tall, which makes it seem unstable to me. my Chef from High school had a Kramer, and one of the other kids, with rich parents of course, got the eight inch onion for christmas. i hate the onion series. they feel odd. but the bob is what id choose.

also, i know its not damascus, but if you're interested in a high end kitchen knife, id recommend the Misono UX10 series. i have the 240mm Gyutou(chef knife) and its definately the best ive ever come across.

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