Are EDC knife options of interest to you?

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Are EDC knife options of interest to you?

Post by KabirRaut » Thu Sep 26, 2019 7:36 pm

Hello everyone,,

Now my strategy is reversed. For every "pretty" knife I buy I figure I hunt down ten knives that are valid, working EDCs. Now, an EDC does not have to look or be abused like a sharpened stick. Knives are slicing tools, not prybars. They have to be cleaned, sharpened, and periodically oiled. (Oh, and most guys use way too much oil.)

In posting threads and taking pictures, am I missing the mark with you guys? Should I concentrate on auto knives, smaller knives (like California Specials) or just polish them, post them and forget them?

I see dozens of edged tools in my "job." This week I bought my wife a set of schrub/hedge clippers with long handles, but sharpen on my Edge Pro scissors fixture. She had no idea better tools were out there, but I found them by simply perusing the Japan Woodworker.

I'm going to be buying knives and testing "mules" for several more years. I do so for clients. But as long as the research is already done, why not post it here? Should I be focusing on different angles?

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