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Post by Dubsy » Mon May 02, 2011 10:54 pm

ive been looking to replace my Victorinox slicer with something less fragile, and thatll hold an edge better, so Japanese knives are an obvious choice. if i could afford it, i'd buy another UX10, but $300+ is a bit much for a slicer, especially when i paid $100 less for a chefs knife of almost the same length.
ive been looking around, and ive narrowed it down to three knives.
a MAC professional 10.25" dimpled slicer
the Tojiro DP 10.5" Sujihiki
and the Victorinox Pro/Forged 10" slicer ... fe-p110176
ive used the non-granton MAC pro slicer, and like it quite a bit, but its still pretty expensive. i also have a 210mm Tojiro DP gyutou and liked it alot, but the handle was plastic... kinda cheap... and ive used the victorinox stamped knives, and like them alot, as they are without a doubt the best budget knives on the market, but have no experience with their forged series.
anyway, its a toss up between the three and i cant decide. any suggestion?

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