Schrade Kitchen Knife Set I just got

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Schrade Kitchen Knife Set I just got

Post by Jody » Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:11 am

Hello, I hope you guys are all doing well.
I saw this category and wanted to mention I just got a new kitchen cutlery set made by Schrade and I LOVE it!

I underestimated how bad my old kitchen knives were until I got to use these new knives yesterday. The truth is I wasn't cutting into anything thick or tough like raw meat, but they cut into the veggies and cheese like they were going through butter.

I orig bought them to sell, but I am not sure I could really put a retail markup price on there and actually sell for that much.I say this because 10 minutes after I ordered them I found them on Amazon for about 5 bucks more than I had just paid for them at a supposed dealer/wholesale price...?
I decided to keep one set and list the other for sale. (I will probably end up giving it to someone as a gift)

I'm just curious -of all you guys who collect knives, how many of you have cool matching kitchen cutlery? :?:

The reason I ask is that as I researched online I realized there are some REALLY fancy kitchen knife sets.
I would be interested in adding some of that to my knife site, but before I invest a bunch of $$ that I can't afford, I am going to do some market research. (Picking your brain) :idea:

There are brands like Wusthof that has a set with steak knives included for about $950.00!!! :shock:

Maybe it's because I live on the other (poverty stricken) :? side of the tracks, I couldn't imagine shelling out that much cashola for kitchen knives.
My little Schrade set I am so tickled with -was a fraction of that.

Do any of you guys collect kitchen cutlery as well?
It's an entire different line than what I have sold so far, but if there are knife collectors out there CRAZY enough to pay that kind of $$ for kitchen knives, well then, I'm just the girl to sell it to them, lol

I also really like the Quick Click Automatic Corkscrew from Latama. A friend of mine sent me one to check out and even though I don't drink wine (liquors quicker) I absolutely LOVE it. They come in all diff colors and you can custom pick designs to be painted on them. Very cute.

I think they would make a good gift for a house warming, or something to offer the host of a party as a small gift, anyway, those would go nice with kitchen cutlery sets if I got into that.

Do pocket knife collectors also collect various types of cutlery, scissors, stuff like that? Guess they ARE kind of like tools, and look how much $$ guys blow on Snap On and Matco tools..... :roll: heeheehee

Jody :)

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