Hands down BEST chef knives.??

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Re: Hands down BEST chef knives.??

Post by The Tourist » Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:11 pm

j.a.c. wrote:slicing open an arm...Very dangerous and just plain foolish.
I wish everyone thought as you did.

Last year I worked as a short term consultant for a chain of sandwich and bread shops to upgrade their knives, the manner in which they were treated and several weeks of sharpening.

All of them threw the dull knives in the sink, waiting for me to arrive.

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Re: Hands down BEST chef knives.??

Post by chef knives » Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:56 am

I have used quite a few brand of knives but the best one to me was Global. I like them they have good quality and keep an edge longer.
I dont put them in the dishwasher because they will go dull. For me Global is the brand for chef knives.

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Re: Hands down BEST chef knives.??

Post by natcherly » Thu Apr 02, 2009 5:21 am

The Global does have a very interesting design being essentially one piece, or so it seems. Very striking and reading comments, gets the job done.

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Re: Hands down BEST chef knives.??

Post by The Tourist » Sat Jun 06, 2009 3:03 pm

Last night a friend of mine from Wyoming and I discussed blade alloys and the idea of kitchen knives. His arguments won me over.

Now as I've stated, I understand why a prime rib server (often cutting in public) wants a softer steel. He's cutting and slicing all night, and many times driven by proportion size, or the requests of a client. Each slice must be pleasing to the eye, and if a steel is used consistantly, each slice is smooth and precise.

And yes, I've been asked to sharpen some very soft slicing knives in upscale restaurants for that night's presentation. Even with a good steel, that edge might last a week.

But my friend and I have also discussed being "steel snobs." I think the world would be better served if most pocketknives were made out of at least 154-CM. Granted, I love Opinels, but I can sharpen anytime I wish. I can polish an Opinel several times daily if need be.

My friend mentioned guided elk hunts. In that case the client and his hunting party could be gone for two weeks. To be sure, many hunts are catered, don't laugh. An elder from my church hunted caribou in Nova Scotia, and their hunt had its own chef. That's a "chef," not a cook.

The reality is that most hunts in wilderness areas have trouble providing you with a decent cup of coffee. If you didn't pack a specific product, then you go without. The average guy can re-sharpen a knife to a utility quality with a wet rock from a river.

And that also applies to restaurants. A fast-food sandwich chain might not have a professional sharpener at all, ever. I've talked to many younger chefs and their knife classes in culinary schools is all about knife use, seldom on knife care. In that case, rudimentary training on softer alloys is probably best.

I personally might not care for the overall idea, but in many cases the "best chef knife" might be a soft alloy that needs to be touched up daily. (Ouch, it hurt to say that!)

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Re: Hands down BEST chef knives.??

Post by genifery » Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:30 am

Where can I find a pair of chef pants with a chef knife pattern or just one knife down the side of one leg? My fiance is a chef and he wanted this pair of chef pants from "CHEFWORKS" but they are discontinued. They are a black pair of pants with a chef knife on the lower bottom leg. He emailed the company and they don't have them anymore. I was hoping that someone else would have them or something similar so that I can surprise him for a wedding gift.
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